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How we help


HomeGrown Land Design creates Eco-Friendly, Edible Landscapes that empower families with the knowledge and tools needed to live a healthy, beautiful and productive lifestyle. We offer Ecological Design planning and consultation to help get your project started right, the first time around. 

We'll help you craft a vision with goals that make sense for your situation and the needs of the landscape. Using observation as the first principle, we'll apply design strategies that allow us to create a landscape which wants to thrive and provides you with the inspiration and nutrition to enjoy every single day. 

Our process is designed to be simple and effective. We use a tailored experience that allows for a natural relationship to form between you and the designer, resulting in final designs that inspire action and long term stewardship. 


How we help

"Homegrown Land Design transformed my back yard space into a intriguing little paradise. Dustin listened to my concerns about an active lifestyle, and created a garden that draws me in.


He used what was there and built up a plan around it that conserves water, reduces mowing, and fills the backyard with edible plants and colorful flowering shrubs.


I am anxiously waiting for the gardens to mature as I plan on sitting there for years to come, maturing myself!" 


How we work


We understand you're need for a professional experience which respects your time and honors your commitment to transforming your landscape. We follow a simple 4 step process which is designed to deliver the most value and feedback for each of us, every step of the way.

Onsite Consultation. It's here that we'll see the site for the first time and typically spend around an hour taking a site tour while discussing your goals, answering questions and sharing appropriate strategies for your situation. This will result in you receiving our site notes and a detailed proposal for how we would work together to design the functional, healthy landscape you've been imagining.


Concept Plan. Once we've defined the project ideas and completed a full site assessment, it's time to lay out how the space will be utilized from a functional and ecological perspective. We will define the most appropriate strategies for site access, water management, plant structure and selection, interactive spaces and any other element that will conceptually tell the story for how the final design will come together.


We'll meet in person for 1-2 hours and review the printed plan together; taking out the colored pencils and making edits if needed to ensure the final design exceeds your expectations.


Detailed Design. This is what we've been waiting for. The conceptual phase feedback has been used to inform the Final Detailed design. This will be created digitally and will be shared with you as a high-resolution PDF and in physical print form. The functional spaces will now be fully detailed with all plantings, structures and elements unique to your project.


This final design will be reviewed together in person for 1-2 hours and we'll talk through all the fine details to ensure you are as confident as you are excited in knowing how and why this plan will bring your vision into reality.

Residential Water Wise Design-01.jpg

Management Plan. A visual alone is usually not enough to ensure a project is successful, which is why you’ll receive a detailed Management Plan document which includes all of the project documentation and directions for how to actually turn the design into a real landscape.


This will cover project phasing suggestions, site preparation and installation strategies as well as a maintenance plan so you can feel confident in being able to do-it-yourself or hand it over successfully to another professional.

Management Plan Template.jpg
How we work

Let's schedule a call and talk ideas

Thank you for reaching out. I'll make sure to be in touch with you shortly. Have a wonderful day!

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